man using internet banking on a laptop

We were asked to improve a digital experience for one the world’s largest banks, by positioning it better as a partner to SME business and corporate customers, at every stage of their online journey, across 70 sites in 50 markets. As part of the brief, we needed to migrate all current CMB sites and re-platform from Sitecore 8.2 to 9.3 while integrating with new data technologies to the bank’s environment. When responding to the brief, rather than re-platform we proposed to create a new service that focused on being customer-centric, data-led and more agile.


This approach aimed to move the bank from:

Brand-out to customer-in

Data-aware to data-driven

Linear customer journeys to behavioural-led experiences

Globally distributed to local creation

Siloed product development to omni-channel service design

One-off big launch to incremental value-driven releases


Guided by MindWorks behaviour-led approach, we defined a new proposition for an intelligent service that delivers contextually relevant content, that could be flexible and efficient for local markets to react to fast changing customer needs.


Rather than a traditional big-bang launch we planned to launch fast through an MVP and then evolve through ongoing learning of customer behaviour to define the rest of the new tools and services of the experience. Ultimately using these learnings to inform and integrate with marketing communications to make them more relevant and effective.


To create a rich MVP experience for each user, we reimagined how the bank would position their thought leadership, products/solutions to be customer-first. Working with global and local teams, we developed new ways for customers to identify their needs and increasingly customise the experience every time a user visits.


Working in an agile scrum of scrums framework, we integrated data, experience, design and technology teams together to create the MVP with two pilot markets.


Within seven months, we successfully launched our MVP solution in our two chosen markets – Canada and Australia.

Visitors to MVP articles are 10x more likely to filter their content compared to those who view Legacy article pages.

MVP visitors view more than twice as many articles per visit compared to the Legacy site

Visitors who view articles on the MVP are 11.5x more likely to also view Product related content compared to visitors to Legacy site articles.

Visitors to MVP P&S content are about 5x more likely to express interest in contacting the bank compared to visitors to Product category content on Legacy.