WillU Financial Group is a financial services company that leverages the power of technology to deliver personalised solutions to each organisation. WillU Invest, WillU FX, WillU Life, WillU Insure and WillU Wills all fall under its umbrella.

Asset Management | Specialist Insurance Broker | Wills & Estate Planning | International Payment Specialists | Life & Health Insurance Broker.

WillU FX provide a wide range of foreign exchange and international payment services to businesses across the world. Our global payment solutions enable you to efficiently and securely send payments internationally. We make money transfers and payments easy for you with the option to manage your account online, over the phone or by email. When you book a trade, you know upfront exactly how much you need to pay with no surprise fees.


  • International Payments
  • Risk Management
  • Treasury Solutions


  • International Payment Specialists
  • Asset Management

Who we are

A team of like-minded individuals from all areas within the financial services industry with a passion for helping support and protect their clients. Our team is key to who we are and how we operate. We aim to create an atmosphere that encourages a forward-thinking approach and prioritises employee well-being. The brand's future is everyone in it and our passion for changing the face of financial services!

Our offerings include; International Payments, Risk Management, Treasury Solutions. Named accounts, 24/7 trading, secure platform.

We also reward your employees by offering them access to our complimentary rewards platform and giving them opportunity to write a free basic will.

  • Craig C WillU
    Founding Partner & Group CEO
    Craig entered the financial services sector as a stockbroker and obtained his Level 4 Investment Advice Diploma whist working for an FCA-regulated brokerage firm. His frustrations with a dated industry and a desire to combine the latest technology with traditional financial advice spurred his move to create WillU, which initially started as a financial advisory service but soon became what it is today.

    The business strategy and development are what Craig finds most exciting. He is particularly keen on collaborating with other businesses to maximise the potential of both with supporting others built into the ethos of the company at all levels.
    • International Payments
    • Risk Management
    • Treasury Solutions
  • Ross WillU
    Founding Partner & Group CEO
    With over 17 years of experience within the finance sector, Ross is a fully qualified Chartered MCSI with a Diploma in Securities and Derivatives. He has a passion for investing and oversees the running of WillU Invest, an FCAauthorised and regulated financial advisory service. They specialise in providing advice on Global Equities, Corporate Bonds, Investment Trusts and ETFs. They have access to multiple Global Exchanges to facilitate any investment requirements. Ross's skills and expertise come from a knowledge of the stock market and an ability to help clients navigate the right investment strategy regardless of their investment objectives and goals.

    As a CEO, he helps drive the vision forward and supports the teams in all the companies under the umbrella.
    • Wealth Management
    • Financial Advisor
    • Estate Planning
  • Jack WillU
    Director of FX
    Jack took his first step into Financial Services 10 years ago by inducting into a professional trader’s programme; this led to him gaining funding from a sizeable London-based firm to prop trade equity and bond futures markets. He took his financial markets knowledge into his future roles within Foreign Currency broking, providing risk management and international payments services to SMEs, Corporates and Individual clients. A particular area of interest is supporting businesses that have raised funds often in foreign currencies to ensure their business is protected against market fluctuations. Jack enjoys understanding clients' business operations and establishing where value can be added via WillU's services or its network. He is excited to continue meeting with exciting businesses and partners and discover avenues of long-term growth for all parties.
    • International Payments
    • Risk Management
    • Treasury Solutions


  • "Since we have been working with WillU FX, we have seen a huge saving in the fees and exchange rates but most importantly the funds arrive at their destination quickly. Regular contact with the team helps us make prompt decisions on transactions. Having access to the platform to make payments any time of the day is super helpful and easy to use."SAM HIGNETT PARTNER, JOTA GROUP
  • "WillU Provide our Business with Marine Cargo Policy, Company Healthcare and FX Coverage. We have been using them for 3 years and fine the whole team very attentive and easy to deal with. WillU deliver the price and service to follow it up!"
  • "Since working with WillU FX we have been shocked at how quickly the payments are sent compared to our old process with the bank, it’s minutes rather than days! We receive timely currency market updates when appropriate and love having somebody at the end of the phone to handle any questions we have. Swift, friendly and excellent service."
  • "We have seen a huge saving in the fees and exchange rates we now receive. Regular contact with the team helps us make prompt decisions on transactions. Most importantly for us is that the funds arrive with our global offices within 24hrs."HELEN LUND, HEAD OF FINANCE OPS, MOMENTA GROUIP


    WillU World is a one-stop hub for clients to enjoy discounts and benefits from OVER 250+ brands, access
    wellness classes and find support from external partners, including the charity CALM.
    contact: Tillie@willu.co.uk
  • WILLU APP - Coming Soon!
    One place that stores all your membership numbers, claim information, renewal dates and financial data.