I’m Simon Kornberg. I work with companies – blue chip to start-up – to help them get their communications to be effective. I do this through writing, training and coaching. But, most of all, by asking vital questions first. 

Investor decks, speeches, presentations, videos and websites only work when they engage their audiences with right messages. Otherwise, you’re wasting your money and your breath. I help you work out what those messages should be before any writing or designing starts. 


  • Asking Questions
  • Making the complex simple


  • Communications
  • Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Training
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    Simon Kornberg


  • "Simon was our go-to writer at EY for anything from a strapline to a full-blown campaign. The creative output was always top notch. What we and our clients particularly appreciated, though, was his input – the patient questions, the understanding of the big picture, the reframing of communication objectives so that they met audience needs. Any start-up would be lucky to have his guidance, which is why I still work with him with one of my own start-up clients."

    Marcus Baron (London) – formerly Creative Director at EY UK&I
  • "Kornberg's sterling reputation in the industry is well-deserved. His results really speak for themselves.
    Simon has found a brilliant balance of simplifying the creative process without sacrificing nuance.
    His learning and tools are straightforward, practical and visibly effective. They've actually become an embedded part of how I do my work over the years."

    Joseph DeLeon (Manila). M&A Advisory I Capital Raising I Strategic Market Entry
  • "Simon's support in developing our enthusiastic but relatively inexperienced client servicing and creative departments [in Oman] was a major factor in the years of success that followed. His very calm, considered and open style of mentoring really suited our requirements and lead to a renewed passion and energy within the agency. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for agencies in need of his services."

    Ian Butlin (Dubai) – Experienced brand and marketing consultant
  • "With Simon's extensive agency and coaching experience, I was delighted to be able to persuade him to come down to Falmouth to give our MA students a two-day Masterclass in copywriting. Our students come from at least 6 different European countries as well as the UK. Each one with its own cultural idiosyncrasies, but Simon easily cut through all that. If anything, his passion for writing and ideas was greater than when we were colleagues 30 years ago. His empathetic input and leadership transformed our students’ work beyond our expectations — such that they then produced work at a more advanced level; one we normally only see three months later in their master’s programme. Unsurprisingly, we’d love to make his visits a regular thing."

    Rob Kitchen (Falmouth) Senior Lecturer, MA Creative Advertising – Falmouth University
  • "Simon has convinced me that every corporation needs a CCO - Chief Creative Officer! Having a flair for expressing ideas and concepts, Simon delivers very vivid and practicable frameworks that makes the dotty subject of creativity tractable to any business-types. "Creativity for Business" was truly one of the highlights in my SMU MBA curriculum."

    Dennis Wee (Singapore) Senior Principal Engineer at NXP
  • "Simon led and facilitated an Ideation session for the new product development project that I was managing. The session was lively and productive, and one of the best Ideation Workshops I participated in. Simon's creative background, and experience and knowledge of Asia and working with Asian teams ensured that all our participants were excited, engaged and committed."

    Jacqueline Loh (Singapore) Strategic Brand Architect I Digital Innovator I APAC Growth Specialist I eCommerce Revenue Builder I Consumer Insights and Demand Expert