FintechAxis connects the Fintech world to specialists and best of breed service providers to help them find the right solution to fuel their growth and build their business.


Having ourselves been in the position of setting up a fast growth new company, we understand the need for a wide spectre of expertise from a variety of enterprises and professional services.   We also recognise the need to bring professionals together so that Fintech leaders can access the support and expertise they require without blindly surfing the web. 


We believe that FintechAxis can help shape your proposition to channel it to the needs of growing Fintech and provide a platform for you to showcase your expertise and superpowers to our audience so that you may have the opportunity to increasingly work with this fast-growing exciting sector.


  • Proposition Development
  • Structured Network
  • Innovative Platform With Unique Content


  • Connect
  • Promote
  • Networking
  • Showcase
  • Marketing
  • Jenny Southwell
    Jenny Southwell
    Managing Director
    As a senior digital and marketing leader in Financial Services for over 20 years, a key focus for me has been to understand, interpret and harness the power of the latest digital technologies to anticipate and serve the rapidly changing needs of customers. My approach has been to collaborate and build relationships with multi-cultural and geographically dispersed stakeholders and lead highly qualified experts, to creatively design customer centric experiences. The opportunity to be part of the next chapter of evolution in Financial Services, connecting the rapidly growing market of fintechs with the specialist professional services, provides me with my next exciting challenge. I enjoy teaching pilates, horse riding and good food.
    • Digital Understanding
    • Customer Experience
    • Digital Design
  • Arthur Samuel photo
    Arthur Samuel
    Sales and Partnerships Manager
    Throughout my five years' operating in sales, I have had a range of experience building loyal client and team relationships based on nurturing existing and new business opportunities. I have worked extensively in London's fast-moving Food-Tech industry, and I love working in dynamic, high-paced environments. More recently I have moved into the UK's budding FinTech sector, currently placed at the forefront of change and innovation. Bridging the gap between cutting-edge Fintech and the key services they need to develop is a prominent opportunity to work and build relationships in the industry that is shaping the business world today.
    • Client Relations
    • Business Development
    • Problem Solving