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We could probably all ‘do better’ with our finances. But how? While the fintech revolution has opened the world of investment to more people, it’s still a widely held belief that wealth management is only for the already wealthy. Or investing is for people with lots of money to invest. Even if people do feel ready, giving this new crop of investors the tools alone can do more harm than good if they don’t fully understand what’s right for them. That dream of ‘making quick money’ is often mis-sold by new investment platforms, leading to losses, frustration, and mistrust. In fact, with the riskiest products, around 75% of people end up losing money. Fintech start-up Claro wanted to create a platform with education, support, community, and tools to democratise investments. They asked us to create a brand, from scratch, to develop and articulate their vision.



We carved out a unique space in the market for Claro as a digital financial coach and community, focused on creating a ‘smart money’ mindset. The goal was to help people build better habits and make the right decisions for their goals, no matter their current financial situation.

To instill confidence in users and drive real-world behavioural changes, we created a brand identity and tone of voice with the longevity, trust, and credibility of established financial brands, as well as the energy and customer-first nature of modern disruptors.



Visually, we stepped away from the crowded traditional financial space, and instead chose a bold colour palette rooted in colour theory, selecting hues that reflected brand values.

And we brought the brand to life with Brand Folklore, our own unique framework for creating a brand narrative, and a super-practical Brand Book full of examples of how to apply the design and tone of voice.



We’re supporting the Claro team with a global campaign to take them from anonymity to understanding, applying the new brand to all channels, online and offline.

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