Although Dyson was growing as it entered new markets in Asia, and created new products that created growth in other categories, the company recognised that their future focus would be in creating a unique experience that put customers at the heart of what they do.



We consulted with Dyson to create a business case for how and why putting owners at the heart of their marketing activities was valuable, running five pilot projects across multiple markets to demonstrate value in sales growth.


From this, we collaborated with Dyson to conduct customer and internal stakeholder resources to understand where the challenges within the owner experience (both pre and post-purchase) existed and identified potential opportunities to resolve. This resulted in embedding “making owners happy” into various initiatives across the business, including centralising data siloes, advertising and marketing activities and through content and experience activities.


Creating a “sell-in” video that was used to demonstrate the future potential for a new owner-focused ecosystem, we worked to develop clear chapters for the delivery of the vision over time, aligning to business value and scaling across markets.


We continue to work with Dyson to deliver the chapters. We started by building the foundations by centralising their data and delivering more meaningful and relevant communications to owners across channels. We have created an operating model for how to embed owner insights into their advertising and marketing activities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their communications.




23% -

reduction in CPA for various campaigns and an increased ROAS of 16% across various markets


$6M +

Reducing brand spam & providing segmented and personalised communications created an additional $6M in revenue within 9 months


5% +

rise in NPS through an improved owner experience creating clear rules for campaign offer engagement and personalised lifecycle programmes to engage owners as soon as they buy