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FinTechConnex helps Fintech companies to drive sales by connecting them to large financial companies through our network of individual Connectors.

One of the main challenges for a CEO of a fast-growing Fintech is the challenge of getting contracts to fuel and fund that growth. The number one priority is always to get the product right, but the number two priority should be to prove that it can be sold.

We have formed the FinTechConnex Connectors Club to bring together people who have had a senior career in large financial companies. They can offer a lot to a new high growth Fintech by acting as either Introducer, Advisor, Translator, Navigator or Partner. At FinTechConnex we call members of the Club “Connectors”

We believe in the power of connection that helps to achieve the strategic goals of the financial corporate whilst realising the potential of the Fintech in this rapidly developing world of Financial Technology


  • Senior Professional Network
  • Strategic Growth Advisory
  • Building Businesses


  • Networking
  • Fintech Advisory
  • Sales Advisory
  • Bank Connection
  • Investor Connection
  • Senior Networks

Who we are

We are a core team of Financial Services and Tech & Data sector experts but with a wide network across many industries and a strong extended team of over 50 professionals in the Connector’s Club

  • Niall Cameron
    Niall Cameron
    Founder & Director
    My career has spanned finance, technology, data and digital across several decades. I started as a trader in the 80’s, moved into capital markets in the 90’s and into senior management in the early 2000’s. I have had Head of Markets roles at both ABN Amro and HSBC. I was fortunate to have been one of the senior executives at Markit Group where I learned about the power of financial data. Most recently I was Global Head of Digital for HSBC for the corporate and institutional business. I believe that Fintech is the future of finance and want to be part of that evolution.
    • Strategic Insights
    • Creative Solutions
    • Investor engagement
  • Tim Sykes
    Tim Sykes
    Founder & Director
    The consistent theme running through the various adventures in my career, from my time as an II ranked Analyst, a Treasurer, Government at UKFI and investment banking has been the strategic development of the financial services sector and its interaction with capital markets. The race to digitalise has only just begun for many participants. Such challenges have been met before by accepting the need to change and by embracing the best of what is available. Working to bring together strategic players with enabling Fintech companies is an obvious, natural and exciting next step.
    • Strategic Positioning
    • Identifying Shareholder Value
    • Simplifying Complexity
  • Martin Neall
    Martin Neall
    Founder & Director
    I’ve had the pleasure over the last 25 years of leading large, diverse Trading, Securities Services, Finance and Digital transformation teams as COO, CFO and in Strategy roles. I enjoy bringing a strategic perspective to any business I’m involved with, but I’m equally happy in amongst the weeds. Embracing the technology revolution of Financial Services is the next exciting challenge in my career. Working with Fintech Firms to help them collaborate and grow by connecting them to dynamic Strategic Investment Partners should keep me busy for the next 25 years!
    • Strategic Development
    • Chief Operating Officer
    • Getting Stuff Done
  • Simone Koo Profile Picture
    Simone Koo
    Partner and Digital Influencer Lead
    I'm loving the portfolio of work I get involved with after leaving my role selling platform at OakNorth, a fintech unicorn backed by SoftBank. Prior to this, I sold ETFs at JPMAM, worked as Head of Strategy at CS, COO at MS Equities and trader at GS. I meet about 100 fintech startups a year through Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab and Unreasonable. I’m an advisor, investor and NED for a dozen amazing companies. I love working with startup founders and finding them a home in institutions. I tutor at Oxford SBS Entrepreneurship Centre and am an Honorary Practice Fellow at Imperial College Business School.
    • Scale up advice
    • Go to market and product pivot
    • Fundraising landscape


  • “Even for a seasoned professional like myself, the challenge of navigating financial institutions to find the people responsible for procurement decisions is incredibly difficult. The “Connectors Club” created by FinTechConnex provides a network into those large scale organisations and connects me to those responsible for writing the cheques”

    Paul Humphrey – CEO BMLL Technologies
  • “The Connectors Club” initiative provide by FinTechConnex is fantastic….its about distribution…its about accessing the client base and leveraging trusted networks…"
    Usman Ahmad – CEO Zodia Markets
  • “there are so many incumbent technology providers in the financial services industry, it is very hard for new innovators, disruptors and entrepreneurs to break in . When selling new technologies to organisations it’s about knowing the right people and the right decision makers across Procurement, Operations, Technology and The Business. FinTechConnex and The Connectors Club members understand the challenges of both the large scale institutions and the Fintech firms and help bridge that gap."
    Stephen Murphy CEO Genesis