A fully comprehensive film production company that has an abundance of experience working with Fintechs

Over the last decade, JKS Pictures has worked extensively in the fast-growing, fast-changing world of Fintech.  This has given us enormous insight into the changing world of global finance with its peer-to-peer lending; crypto currencies and digital payment systems.

JKS Pictures can therefore​ handle all aspects of film production for emerging Fintechs from filming, directing and editing to livestreaming to drone filming to 360 degree immersive Virtual Reality.  

Because high tech kit is relatively cheap compared to what it was, small companies like JKS Pictures can produce promotional films with the production values of Hollywood movies and network television.  Good video production, particularly with sweeping drone footage can really help put your company on the map by providing high-quality professional-looking marketing materials.




  • Creative problem-solving with practical solutions
  • Bringing in high quality productions within tight budgets
  • Compelling story teller and artist


  • Photography
  • Events
  • Media production (video/pitchbooks)
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Jon Kerr Smith
    Jonathan Kerr-Smith
    Owner, JKS Pictures
    I've been working in the media for the last ten years. I've worked as an editor, producer, cameraman and director but I've also found time to shoot studio portraits. As you can see from my portfolio, showreel I've gained experience in a wide variety of media, acquiring many and varied skills along the way.

    As anyone in the media business will tell you, whether they are director, cameraman, soundman or lighting technician, you are only as good as your creativity, initiative and problem-solving abilities will allow.

    I produce portraits or films which capture the essential character of each individual or company I work with whether it is a still studio portrait of your company CEO; a multimedia memento of your annual company picnic; or the edited highlights of your company’s latest conference or product launch.

    I also want to share what I have learnt over the years. That is why I also hold training courses on different aspects of the skill sets needed to successfully produce material which can compete for attention on the modern media world.

    As a seasoned professional, I have also built a network of contacts with a wide range of media skills across the globe. So no matter where you are located, I can find the best value professionals to help deliver your company’s vision across a variety of media platforms.