How to make a great product demo video


If video’s not your first language, our quick tips will help you put together a product demo that’s worth sharing.

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8 steps to video success

  • Keep it short, be succinct.
    Aim for a running time of 3 to 4 minutes, certainly no more than 5. Putting together a script and storyboard can help you plan it out.
  • Use the right format
    Share your demo with us as an MPEG file or a link to a Vimeo or YouTube video.
  • Focus on your target audience.
    How will your product benefit them? Show you understand their challenges and can solve their problems using language they’ll understand. They need to walk away thinking: “I get it.”

  • Decide on your presentation style
    This doesn’t have to be complicated. Product images or a slide deck with a well-written voiceover can still get your message across effectively.
  • Inform and engage in equal measures
    You’ve got just a few minutes to grab your audience’s attention, so go light on the detail and focus on the main selling points instead.
  • Reflect your brand
    For a professional finish, your video should mirror the look and feel of other promotional and marketing material.
  • Got more than one product?
    Keep things simple with a video for each, rather than trying to squeeze them all into one confusing demo. 
  • Be inclusive and accessible
    Make sure you accommodate those who may be visually or hearing impaired. Include captions and/or a transcript and always explain any charts or diagrams rather than just using them as visuals.


Content compliance

We don’t host financial promotions on our site or anything deemed to be a financial promotion. Use your video to focus on what your product can do rather than on the investment case and there shouldn’t be any problems. We’ll get in touch with you if there are.

Keep it real

No one likes to be lead up the garden path with false claims or opaque pricing. Visit the ASA website for a useful article on how to avoid misleading advertising.