Mox wanted a banking experience that did not feel like any other banking experience – one that could be a USP.


Mox commissioned us to design their banking experience after earlier design attempts with a different partner fell short of their goals. They needed an agency with better understanding of financial services products to help them ‘course correct’, solve some of their trickier journey problems and bring surprise and delight to banking with Mox through use of motion in the design. The aim was to achieve this in time for a soft launch in early 2020.



We placed our agency team 100% on site with Mox to work with their own design discipline. We began with a consultancy phase to immerse ourselves in the Mox brand, to understand the audience intimately, to review work done to date and to identify problem areas for correction. Once we had completed problem-solving on the existing designs, we moved on to designing areas not yet created: online on-boarding, the log-in experience, the customer dashboard, transaction journeys and customer service areas.



We introduced motion graphics and animation and created a new illustrative style to give the Mox experience more dynamic appeal to the audience. As part of the process, we established new principles for motion to be applied across Mox’s online banking experience.


The experience was designed to actively help the underserved audiences of Hong Kong by providing a more proactive banking experience based on the specific needs of the individual. It alos paved the way for the Mox team to introduce non-banking services as part of their product roadmap.



Mox Bank soft-launched with a showcase of the dynamic experience placed on a hub for campaign traffic. Mox received more than 2,000 completed applications in the first two minutes of their social media-based campaign.