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Nando’s is the UK’s most popular fast casual dining restaurant – over 500 restaurants and 14,000 Nandocas serve their famous Afro-Portuguese PERi-PERi chicken to millions of customers every year.


Yet the fast-casual dining category is changing fast, caused by the surge in popularity of food delivery services, such as Deliveroo and UberEats, that enable customers to get their favourite food any time, anywhere. Nando's was working with two completely separate takeaway and delivery sites, which often led to confusion and inefficiency.


As Nando’s digital and innovation agency of record, we were given the opportunity to totally transform the brand from a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant to a digital-savvy business. One that could offer its famous, one-of-a-kind service and experience from the comfort of someone's living room.



We decided to build Nando's first-ever combined e-commerce platform with a brand-new aesthetic and user experience from beginning to end.


In doing so, our UX and UI designers optimised key touchpoints, including the menu, basket and postcode search bar, while ensuring every aspect was aligned across the entire customer journey.



Beneath the surface, to keep the new site ticking, it boasts cutting-edge AWS Lambda serverless computing, which powers the online ordering system and maintains performance during times of high demand. It translates and interconnects a large variety of APIs and services with different outputs and information that then serves a web-based application for people to order their meal.



Nando’s new UX smashed the average conversion for e-commerce. The new platform has been rolled out across more than 500 restaurants, resulting in a significant increase in customer spend per visit and a huge increase in online revenue.


Now that’s some tasty results.

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