NextWave’s Model Risk Manager provides a robust, best-in-class workflow that automates the model life-cycle governance process by effectively addressing issues, risks and controls throughout a model’s ideation, build, validation and deployment phase.

NextWave’s Model Risk Management Solution Solves This Better: NextWave has leveraged their extensive expertise in model risk oversight and paired it with the Appian low-code platform to create a unique and impactful end-to-end governance solution that solves these problems better by:

  • Built by Experts: NextWave’s extensive experience in managing the risk model process helps ensure that this solution is designed to address all aspects of their business needs
  • Tackles Relevant Process Needs: Tackling the realities of the risk model process for finance and risk model professionals that highlight the most pressing organizational needs
  • Intuitive Design: Intuitive UI/UX which reduces need for staff training and provides real functional needs by user role
  • Real-Time Analytics: Dashboard approach to give all users real time visibility, no more partial or siloed views
  • Flexibility: Nimbleness and speed to deploy, adapt and integrate the risk model workflow to the solution