We provide world-class digital consultancy; whether you’re at the start of your digital journey, at a certain level of maturity or requiring something more transformational.

We provide services covering 4 distinct areas, Discovery as a Service, Tooling and Processes, Change Management and Staff Augmentation. Our clients are a combination of large organisations looking to accelerate their execution capability and smaller fintech organisations looking to leverage a delivery partner who understand the complexities of implementing technologies into the financial service vertical.

Our core values – maturity, passion, teamwork – help create the right atmosphere for lasting collaborative relationships.

Our vision

We believe speed, agility and sustainability are the keystones of successful digital businesses. That’s why we focus not just on the deliverables, but also the underlying systems, processes and operations that drive continued success.


  • Defining and delivering experiences that fuse the goals of you and your customers.
  • Smart planning and execution to deliver real impact and fast ROI.
  • Providing flexible people solutions to fit your operating model.


  • Operating Models
  • Transformation
  • Talent Management
  • Digital Execution
  • fintech adoption
  • Cyber Security
  • Mark Rothwell-Brooks
    Mark Rothwell-Brooks
    Founder & CMO
    Mark has huge experience delivering large-scale corporate transformations programmes. His main focus now is the successful onboarding of new clients, ensuring every engagement kicks-off in the right way.
    • Programme Management
    • Digital Transformation
    • Client Services
  • Photo of Peter
    Peter Glock
    Head of Security Services Software
    Peter heads up our Security Services Software division and helps CISO’s understand their risk postures, what solutions are available in the market and how they are being deployed.
    • Cyber Security
    • fintech adoption
  • Chris photo
    Chris Creissen
    Chris has led delivery teams for some of the world’s largest Financial Services firms. He helps our clients to realise change quickly, implementing processes and ways of working that start delivering value from Day 1.
    • Digital Transformation
    • Talent Management


  • Discovery as a Service
    Our discovery services help your organisation explore and articulate your current position in two fundamental business areas: risk and cost.

    • Threat Discovery Workshops helps define your areas of Risk and helps you prioritise and order your change programme.

    • Insider Risk Discovery details what your people have got access to and highlights outliers; people who have access to applications that their peer group performing the same role haven’t. Essential for when undertaking periodic entitlement reviews.

    • Data Discovery and TCO maps out explicitly what data you have across your enterprise, how aged it is and how much of it is duplicated. Reduce your storage costs by around 25% per year.
  • Change Management and Execution
    Our change management services are designed to support and accelerate digital change activities, from planning to implementation.

    • Fintech Adoption Services helps the fintech execute their product into large organisations to leverage the value.

    • Execution Acceleration quickly mobilise or course correct a failing programme of change. We provide a delivery and execution capability out of the box that delivers value day 1.