Mattersmith simplifies the writing and management of commercial contracts, so that clients enjoy legal peace of mind. We provide clear and valid contracts and advice on time, within budget, and our virtual contract assistant, Contractsmith, is available 24|7.  Mattersmith is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which means clients benefit from the gold standard of protection.

The firm’s founder, Andrew Scott, has over 20 years’ experience of advising banks and financial institutions, both as purchasers of services and technology and suppliers of services to other institutions, and providers of software and SaaS solutions.  Mattersmith operates an agile business model, supported by proprietary technology, to deliver value for money, enable clients to accelerate business, and buy only what they need in terms of advice and assistance.


  • As our advice is accelerated by proprietary technology, the support we provide - whether negotiating, drafting, or reviewing a contract, or simply brainstorming an idea - is always cost-effective.
  • Our virtual contract assistant, Contractsmith, is a cloud-based resource that helps clients to write and manage contracts themselves, safe in the knowledge that it has been developed and is supported by Mattersmith. This means that clients save time and money on legal fees.
  • Our contract management services and tools help clients work smarter and reduce risk. By keeping track of key contractual obligations, deadlines, and notices for either party in each contract, our clients can take control of their contracts by being made aware of upcoming commercial opportunities.


  • Contract management services
  • Advice accelerated by proprietary technology
  • Virtual contract assistant


  • Write & Manage Commercial contracts
  • Virtual contract assistant
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    Andrew Scott
    Founder and Principal
    Andrew is a commercial lawyer with over 30 years’ experience in Magic Circle and international law firms, whose work for the past 15 years has included Lawtech development and implementation.
    Andrew’s experience of delivering legal services on the front line at the highest level, combined with a strong entrepreneurial flair, led him to establish Mattersmith to support clients of all sizes in their writing and management of contracts in a creatively agile way.