Chryse Coaching LTD specialises in coaching individuals within financial services to help them maximise their potential, improve their effectiveness in the workplace and become successful and empowered leaders.


  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Brand


  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Confidence Coaching

Who we are

Typically working with individuals at the ED, MD and Founder/C-Suite level, we provide our clients with a safe space to pause and seek clarity and carve out a path to be the best version of themselves. Having a background in financial services enables us to really understand the challenges and opportunities our clients face. Through our pragmatic approach, use of tools and methodologies and a firm belief in the individual, we help our coaches build sustainable change and growth and significantly improve their effectiveness in the workplace.

  • Cressida Hamilton
    Cressida Hamilton
    As a former Managing Director and with 26 years’ experience within financial services Cressida truly understands the challenges of operating as an executive in today’s world. Her time and tenure within the business enables her to appreciate the challenges of managing strategic relationships within an organisation, the importance of brand building and how to develop, manage and engage teams. Cressida has a strong track record of working with men but in particular women in banks, private equity and venture capitalist firms to help them increase their self-awareness and confidence and make step changes in their career.
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    • Influence and Impact
    • Personal Resilience
    • Authentic Leadership
    • Personal Branding


  • Cressida has, through questioning, discussion, challenge and support, enabled me to understand very clearly what is at the heart of me as a person. I absolutely know that without her I would still be contemplating how to navigate the workspace and feeling insecure about elements of myself. Cressida has been the voice of reason, the inquisitor into my thought processes and supporter of my bold decisions.Laura C, Director
  • Meeting Cressida was a breath of fresh air. She has had first-hand experience of working in high pressured, corporate environments therefore she could understand as well as be able to offer me practical coaching advice. They say behind every successful man is a successful woman; and likewise, behind every successful woman there is probably a Cressida.Raina M, Director
  • Cressida is a fantastic coach. She helped me to make sense of the pile of thoughts in my head and craft a new path for myself, with a clear sense of direction and the confidence to move forward. Her approach is open and non-judgemental, using her reams of professional experience to guide and provide helpful insights. I would recommend Cressida for anyone looking to give their career a boost!Katie P, Director
  • Through Cressida’s help I was able to reframe my thinking and change my personal narrative. I finally discovered my brand, and we spent several months together putting it into action. I am now in a much more senior position, and I negotiated a pay package that I never thought possible. If you want a great coach, look no further than Cressida.Charlotte B, Managing Director
  • Cressida manages to strike the right balance between making you think and self-examine but also actually getting stuff done. She is warm, incredibly supportive but also doesn’t let you off the hook. She also makes you realise that you can do far more than you think you can. If you want a great coach, Cressida is your person.Claire M, Director