Chris Morgan writes, a pleasure to be invited to write a piece on Community Banking for the latest issue of BusinessTime in Essex.

Very proud of some of the bits my team here in #Colchester have been doing (great photos Oliver BaileyRebecca WinchesterGeorgia Beaumont & George Penfold, leading by example guys).

Throughout the pandemic, despite the strange new situation we have found ourselves in Metro Bank (UK) have stayed very much open for business and have been able to step up to help many personal, charity and commercial clients who have needed our support.

Most importantly, we have also been able to get out into our local communities and really raise our profile and start some amazing new long term relationships with people in our home towns, simply by offering our time and help, when it was needed most. Special mention to Michael Beckett and the team at Colchester FoodBank for hosting me for 4 days and showing me what good looks like. True Community Heroes right there! 💪#community #banking