AnalogFolk is an award-winning independent global creative agency. We have a dedicated team of experts in content creation, brand strategy and brand design.  We leverage a proprietary brand equity framework which we have developed called Folklore which is designed to help a brand to be experience-led.  Recent clients for whom we have delivered branding projects include Serai (a new brand from HSBC), Trade Club Alliance (a new brand from Santander), TUSK Trust (a progressive conservation charity) and Bayer.

We are also a lead creative and content partner for brands such as Nike, Johnnie Walker, Meta, Afterpay, Stella Artois and Badoo.  Delivering communications, social media go-to-market strategy, omni-channel creative ideas, video content as well as advertising and content production. We do this through an optimal blend of human expertise (award-winning strategy and creative talent) and production automation.  Ultimately delivering high-quality, digitally native audio and video creative, at pace. 

We have offices in Amsterdam, London, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Sydney and have a depth of FS experience, working as a lead partner to some of the biggest financial organisations in the world, such as HSBC, JPMorgan, Visa and Santander, to smaller, nimble projects for fintech challenger bank Tyme, MOX (new virtual bank backed by Standard Chartered), Serai (a new brand from HSBC), and Trade Club Alliance. 


  • Brand strategy & design
  • Creativity
  • Production innovation


  • Award-winning
  • Design
  • Content
  • Sustainability
  • Diversity
  • Video content

Who we are

We have a team of over 300 experts across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Our people are core to the work we produce for our clients and are at the heart of our collaborative culture, which fosters innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit in everything we do. With capabilities including strategy, planning, creative, technology, user experience, design, copywriting, and production we are able to provide clients with a fully integrated branding and communications solution.

  • photo of Matt Dyke
    Matt Dyke
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Matt has over 20 years of experience helping brands to transform their marketing strategies in an increasingly digital world. He founded AnalogFolk with Bill Brock in 2008. Matt set-up AnalogFolk because he believes brands should be using the power of digital technology to create genuine value for people, rather than simply bombarding them with marketing messages. Matt is an expert in creating effective and inspiring brand strategies for clients such as fintech start-up Claro and brand ecosystems for Bayer and Diageo. He lives by the agency's purpose, to use digital to make the analog world better. Matt’s FS experience spans across Visa, HSBC, Tyme, Post Finance, Sainsbury's Bank, Barclays, Barclaycard.
    • Strategy
    • Brand
    • Digital
  • Photo of Kate Tancred
    Kate Tancred
    CEO, Untold Fable
    Kate runs Untold Fable, AnalogFolks specialist content production company. Untold Fable is a technology powered production platform built with diversity at its heart, promising to ensure the makeup of the network reflects the world we live in, as well as launching technology features that make connecting with traditionally underrepresented talent from the creative industry much more accessible to brands. Previously, Kate founded video content marketplace The Smalls. In 2019 she was voted one of The Times 100 most innovative entrepreneurs.
    • Content
    • Diversity
    • Technology
  • Brad Herdodt
    Brad Herhodt
    Managing Partner, AnalogFolk
    Brad has over 20 years’ experience running accounts at leading digital transformation and innovation agencies. Responsible for leading client relationships across clients varying in size from some of the world's leading brands, to smaller start ups. Brad is AnalogFolk Group’s FS expert, having worked on various FS clients across his career including larger firms including J.P.Morgan, Investec, Tyme Bank, Post Finance, Sainsbury’s bank, Santander, TradeClub Alliance and HSBC.
    • Financial Services
    • Business Transformation
    • Design strategy & systems


  • “AnalogFolk offers a great mix of leading brand strategy & design, creativity and high calibre innovation. Their unique proposition provides us a fantastic opportunity to explore new and exciting avenues whilst building on and expanding existing platforms.”
    Dan Stern, Senior Director, Global Brand Digital, Nike
  • "AnalogFolk has been a great partner for Claro Money since our early inception. AF delivered all the early branding from logo creation, tone of voice to full brand guidelines that have been invaluable to us in communicating our brand vision both internally to new recruits and externally to press, partners and investors alike. AF Folklore, is a brilliant purpose-led strategic framework that enabled us to collaboratively create a brand with purpose at the heart."
    Alex Ford, Chief Revenue Officer, Claro
  • "AnalogFolk has a strong strategy team that fuels insight-led creative. They have their finger on the pulse, creative feels current, on trend & innovative (perfect for our brand). Feedback is taken on board & it’s a true partnership & collaboration."
    Mik Wagner, Senior Brand Campagin Manager, Afterpay
  • “Great people, collaborative, challenging in a healthy way to create great brand strategies & ecosystems. The creative ideas are always innovative and exciting with a focus on purpose. The people at AF are a pleasure to work with and it genuinely feels like one team”
    Danielle McGee, Senior Brand Manager, Bayer
  • “Working with AnalogFolk has not been the usual 'client/agency' relationship, it has been a true partnership. The AF team has been instrumental to the development of the strategy and the vision for the HSBC brand. What sets the AF team apart is not that they deliver on all the objectives, but that they consistently over-deliver on every single task, opportunity or challenge that is presented, always looking for an innovative solution.”
    Jonathan Castleman, Global Head of Brand Partnerships, HSBC


  • Brand Immersion Workshop
    We offer a 1-day workshop to new clients where we provide you an analysis of the key internal and external factors impacting your brand.