AnalogFolk is an independent global creative agency. Our mission is to use digital to make the analog world better. We work with some of the world’s most famous brands to design and build digital ecosystems of products, services and platforms that deliver an intuitive, cohesive and premium customer experience.


We are a lead design partner for established global brands such as Nike, HSBC, Meta and Smirnoff.  As well as for progressive up-starts such as MOX, Serai and Afterpay.  Our work is both progressive and intelligent, winning awards for design innovation, as well as providing the critical underpinning for a brand’s design system. 


We have offices in Amsterdam, London, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Sydney and have a depth of FS experience, working as a lead partner to some of the biggest financial organisations in the world, such as HSBC, JP Morgan, Visa and Santander, to smaller, nimble projects for fintech challenger bank Tyme, MOX (new virtual bank backed by Standard Chartered), Serai (a new brand from HSBC), and TCA (a new brand from Santander).


  • Service design
  • Design strategy & systems
  • Accessibility & sustainable design


  • Award-winning
  • Creative
  • Brand
  • Sustainability
  • Accessibility

Who we are

We have a team of over 300 experts across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Our people are core to the work we produce for our clients and are at the heart of our collaborative culture, which fosters innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit in everything we do. With capabilities including strategy, planning, creative, technology, user experience, design, copywriting, and production we are able to be a fully integrated strategy, design and build partner to our clients.

  • Brad Herdodt
    Brad Herhodt
    Managing Partner
    Brad has over 20 years’ experience running accounts at leading digital transformation and innovation agencies. Responsible for leading client relationships across clients varying in size from some of the world's leading brands, to smaller start ups. Brad is AnalogFolk Group’s financial services expert, having worked on various FS clients across his career including J.P.Morgan, Investec, Tyme Bank, Post Finance, Sainsbury’s bank, Santander, TradeClub Alliance and HSBC.
    • Relationships
    • Technology
    • Innovation
  • Photo of Steve Whittington
    Steve Whittington
    Design Director
    As a Creative Director at AnalogFolk, Steve leads the creative output across our portfolio of products, services and platform work. He is highly experienced with nearly 20 years of digital expertise who thrives at making experiences for customers and their brands which deliver value. He understands how to use a human centred design approach and then combine technology trends with creative ideation resulting in beautiful products which our clients’ customers love to use. Steve has led design projects across AnalogFolk FS portfolio including Visa, HSBC, Tyme, Post Finance, Sainsbury's Bank, Barclays, Barclaycard.
    • Sustainability
    • Creativity
    • Accessibility
  • Michelle Watson
    Michelle Watson
    Executive Director of Customer Experience
    Michelle Watson is AnalogFolk’s Executive Director of Customer Experience and is responsible for efforts in helping brands to improve the way they serve their customers. Having joined in 2019, Michelle works with clients like Tommy Hilfiger, Blink and Nike on their customer experience, service design, and product innovation capabilities. Michelle has extensive experience in FS, working with HSBC, RBS, Standard Life, JP Morgan and Visa to help them understand and influence customer behaviour through the transformative power of digital experiences.
    • Behavioural economics
    • Behavioural science
    • Customer Experience


  • "AnalogFolk has been a long-time partner for Mox since close to its inception. AnalogFolk went beyond brief to deliver the Bank an exciting translation of an entirely new brand. The result was an elevated set of experiences that went above our expectations and gave a level of polish that our mobile app truly deserves."
    Eric Lau, Head of Growth & Service Design, MOX
  • "Strong strategy team that fuels insight led creative. They have their finger on the pulse, creative feels current, on trend & innovative (perfect for our brand). Feedback is taken on board & it’s a true partnership & collaboration."
    Mik Wagner, Afterpay, Australia
  • "Buttoned up, digital first creative agency, with a solid understanding of the business efficiencies required to meet the exacting and fast timelines we are all beholden to."
    Diana Janicki, Creative Lead EMEA, META
  • “From a design perspective, I've found Analog Folk to be a great partner – they've assembled the right creative team for the job at hand, and are collaborate and nimble in response.”
    Ann Chen, Global Head of Design, Johnnie Walker


  • Design immersion workshop
    We offer a 1-day deep-dive into your brand design system & how effectively it is implemented, including quality and consistency, accessibility & sustainability.