MindWorks is a breakthrough solution for brands seeking to move on from behaviour led digital experiences to embedding customer behaviour into the heart of their organisation.

In a rapidly changing world, companies need to be nimbler than ever before, reading and reacting at pace to changing market conditions, competitor landscapes and customer needs.  New technologies and progressive approaches to leveraging data are critical tools for unlocking business success in this challenging environment.  But all too often organisations are slow in leveraging the potential that these tools offer to identify and influence changing customer behaviours because they themselves don’t have the right behaviours. MindWorks is purpose built to unlock this potential for clients.

Experts in behavioural economics, data and technology; the team helps clients achieve their business transformation ambitions. We do this by embedding behavioural science methodologies at the heart of the business to allow them to be nimble and reactive to changing business and customer needs.   

Operating out of London, with global reach across US, Europe, Asia and Australia, providing a service to clients whose briefs seek to deliver new value globally. Examples of these include some of the biggest financial organisations in the world, such as HSBC, to smaller, nimble projects for fintech challenger bank Tyme, Serai (a new brand from HSBC), and Trade Club Alliance (a new brand from Santander).



  • Behavioural led organisational design
  • Big Data and Technology solutions
  • Operational strategy and models


  • Data
  • Behavioural economics
  • Customer first
  • Technology
  • Business transformation

Who we are

MindWorks is co-led by Brad Herholdt, CEO, Michelle Watson, principal behavioural partner and Mark Barry, principal consulting partner, all who previously worked together as business leaders across client services, behaviour, customer experience and data at AnalogFolk. The team have worked together on projects for HSBC, KONE, Dyson, Tyme & TCA, seeing incredible behavioural and financial results for the clients’ organisation.

  • Brad Herdodt
    Brad Herhodt
    Brad is responsible for running MindWorks as well as leading the key client relationships for MindWorks. He has over 20 years’ experience running accounts at leading digital transformation and innovation agencies. Brad is AnalogFolk Group’s FS expert having worked on a huge variety of FS clients, ranging from J.P.Morgan, HSBC, Visa, Investec, Santander to smaller firms such as Tyme Bank, TradeClub Alliance and Claro.
    • Technology
    • Innovation
    • Organisational design
    • Business Transformation
  • Michelle Watson
    Michelle Watson
    Principal behavioural partner
    Michelle is responsible for ensuring that we approach challenges with a clear understanding of the human behaviours we need to influence and the methodologies we can use to do it. Michelle has extensive experience in FS, working with HSBC, RBS, Standard Life, J.P.Morgan and Visa to help them understand and influence customer behaviour through the transformative power of digital experiences.
    • Behavioural economics
    • Behavioural science
    • Customer Experience
  • Mark Barry
    Mark Barry
    Principal consulting partner
    Mark brings many years of experience consulting with organisations across technology, data and digital helping them to create customer-first propositions, solutions and actionable roadmaps that accelerate value creation within the business. Backed with his deep understanding of martech and adtech, Mark helps clients become data-driven and deliver to every-changing customer's needs. Mark has extensive FS working with U.S. Bank UBS, HSBC and Visa.
    • Business Consultancy
    • Data science
    • Technology


  • "Mindworks’ nimble approach has helped us go to market at pace, which has helped us see customer behaviours emerging at scale. This has allowed us to evolve content, tools and services based on observed behaviours across our commercial banking ecosystem.”
    Chris Mainsbridge, Head of Product, HSBC


  • MindWorks Immersion Workshop
    Deep-dive into the problems you and your target audience are facing to enable us to conceptualise a solution that’s tailored to the unique character of your business.